The Gold Standard of Orthodontic Treatment in New York City

A one-of-a-kind New York City-based practice, The Schulhof Center, led by New York City Orthodontist Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD, represents the gold standard for cosmetic orthodontics, and we’re the clear choice for a winning and confident smile. The Schulhof Center is the first and only office in the U.S. performing only 100% lingual braces.

Dr. Adam Schulhof is a world-renowned lingual orthodontist, lecturing internationally and teaching thousands of doctors worldwide.

From New York City Orthodontist Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD:

“This office is the realization of a dream for me and I’m so excited. Working within the field of lingual orthodontics for the past 10 years and helping shape it into the best treatment for my patients has been a wonderful experience. I am fortunate to be part of so many changed lives and to have helped bring smiles to some who thought a smile was lost to them forever. This office marks a new chapter for the profession. It is the first of its kind—a 100% lingual office using Incognito® and Incognito® Lite. Simply put, when only the best will do, it’s the very best of orthodontics for my patients!”

Each patient is unique and therefore deserves unique and customized treatment. While working together with you to build a customized plan, we always take into consideration your lifestyle and social and aesthetic concerns. Incognito® provides invisible, fully customized braces to help you get that smile you’ve always wanted. CAD/CAM design and robotically bent archwires partner with Dr. Schulhof’s expertise to obtain beautiful customized results for you. From full classic Incognito® to correct every type of orthodontic problem to Incognito® Lite, an amazing customized quick fix taking as little as six months of treatment, Dr. Schulhof and his team have the answer for you.