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The Best Ways to Straighten Your Teeth

Straight teeth are easier to clean.

Straight teeth are easier to clean.

Whether it’s fair or not, it’s no secret that we are judged by our appearance. What we wear, the condition of our skin and even the straightness of our teeth contribute to the opinions strangers, colleagues and even friends and family form about us. So, in many cases, the decision to take the plunge and improve your smile with the help of custom orthodontics may not be difficult to make. However, determining the best way to straighten your teeth is another matter entirely. After all, the many ways to correct an adult’s crooked teeth can be overwhelming. It’s important to weigh your options carefully and choose a method that works well with your lifestyle and budget, while also providing the results you want in the shortest period of time.

We are all familiar with the traditional method of correcting misaligned teeth with metal brackets bonded to each tooth and connected by a system of wires. We associate this look with preteens and teenagers, and for that reason, they’re not the treatment of choice for most adults. They are highly visible and announce to the world that you’re having your teeth straightened.

If you’d prefer to keep the process of perfecting your smile under wraps, it makes sense to compare the benefits of Incognito vs standard braces. Incognito Hidden Braces are completely discreet. There is no reason for anyone but you and your orthodontist to know you have them, because they are bonded behind the teeth. Incognito Braces can provide a fast track to your desired results because they are customized, providing a unique set of braces that move your teeth in an efficient manner.

Incognito Braces can target the “social six”: the front teeth most visible to the outside world. This variation is called Incognito Lite, with fewer brackets used to create beautiful, quick corrections. This version offers a slightly lower overall cost, but each case is unique.

When comparing invisible methods of straightening teeth, you may encounter information about removable clear tray systems available through your orthodontist. Invisalign is perhaps the most well-known brand of these clear aligners. The success or failure of this procedure depends on the patient’s individual correction needs and willingness to wear the aligners as often as recommended (20-22 hours per day). Incognito braces, on the other hand, can’t be temporarily removed and are always at work.

If you’re not sure what method will best suit your unique situation, a talented orthodontic professional can help you to decide. Schedule a consultation today, and you’ll be on your way to the smile you’ve always wanted.

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