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Bad dentition can be frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes painful. It can be an embarrassing problem too as it affects a person’s appearance. Orthodontists specialize in correcting oral problems with the aid of devices such as braces. They fix overbites in teeth, underbites, gaps, alongside other dental issues that involve the jaw, teeth and facial muscles.

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Good Orthodontists

Orthodontists undergo an extra two years of specialized training after graduation. Their qualification is due to competition and selectivity. At times, recommendations from friends and colleagues might not be enough assurance to settle on particular orthodontists, requiring a personal research. Whenever you have a dental issue, someone close to you is an orthodontist. However, not all orthodontists are created equal. Here are some qualities that make good orthodontists.



Passion is a trait, and so it cannot be taught in any school. Orthodontists who exhibit a passion for their occupation will always show it. It is not wrong to earn a good salary or get the recognition of a leader in the field, but a passionate orthodontist who loves what he does is always motivated by the results he’s going to achieve, and not the primary reason. Their biggest motivation is making a difference in people’s lives.

Good orthodontists enjoy what they do, and their job matters. When their patients walk out wearing that perfect smile, they smile too. This is arguably the most critical of motivation in any occupation or activity. With passion, all the other traits that make a good practitioner will flow naturally. The attribute can be demonstrated by the following actions.

  • Wearing a smile always
  • Positive attitude
  • Good eye contact
  • Enthusiasm and energy
  • The can-do mentality
  • Good first impression

You can know a lot about orthodontists by a holding a simple conversation. Proof that your practitioner is qualified never lacks in the details. A clean and well-maintained premise offers a good first impression to patients.

A patient will likely be able to read the basic morale level of the staff. Alongside the dental practitioner, other staff members will be helping in attending to you. Well treated staff will translate into a positive working environment and better care. An impressive initial visit leaves the patient to conclude that he/she has found a good dental expert.

The company website is an equal indicator. The site creates a good impression to patients if the information is organized, relevant and up to date. All in all, appearance usually has a subjective nature which is important in the entire evaluation by the patient.



Just like in any profession, the trustworthiness of a practitioner is paramount. Good orthodontists should be able to earn the trust of their patients. Patients with issues regarding their appearance usually share a lot of sensitive personal information, and it is important that these matters remain between the two parties.

With the recent economic problems, some orthodontists may improvise fake diagnostics just to overcharge the patient. Such practices are unethical, and any good orthodontist will always refrain from them. Good orthodontists work with the best interests of their patients in mind.



Successful orthodontists show humility. Both the practitioner and staff should demonstrate selflessness and a complete lack of arrogance. They should be modest and humble in demeanor and presentation. Humility is also displayed by the hard work the orthodontists put in making the patients feel important at all times.

When interacting with the patient, a good practitioner should be solely focused on him/her. They allow no interruptions during their session unless it’s a genuine emergency. This undistracted patient focus allows for maximum patient care, as well as reinforcing the notion that each visit is important.

Lavish furnishings or expensive artwork in the premises do not symbolize the success of the dental practitioner. Rather, quality treatment and focus on the needs of the patients is vital. And additionally, the important theme is in the handling of on time appointments which display respect for the patient’s time.



Good orthodontists love their work, and so they will always to desire to gain more knowledge in their field. It goes without saying that health practitioners should be competent, knowledgeable and confident in their field, and orthodontists are not left behind in this. This trait is important to the practitioner as words spread quickly of their skill, increasing their customer base.

The best orthodontists strive to gain more knowledge than what they learned while training. Oral care technologies are continually improving. They continually learn the new skills and techniques so as to stay updated with the changes and importantly, to offer the best results for their patients.


People skills

Competence, intelligence, and quality work are essential in this field. However, these attributes alone do not make good orthodontists. They contribute to about 50% of the equation. The other 50% is being good at relating to people. There are frequent cases of doctors with poor bedside manners. Such practitioners may have enough academic qualifications but score zero in the people department in terms of relationships.

A good dental practitioner should interact well with their patients. They should be able to make them feel cared for and comfortable. The orthodontists should always show kindness to people regardless of their gender, race or their income level.

Good listeners

Although this category might also fall in the people skills, it is a rare attribute. Good orthodontists are masters in the art of listening. Their experience in the field has taught them how to put aside their perception of a patient’s problem. They make their final judgments based on the outcome of their conversations with the patients alongside their professional knowledge.



Orthodontists exclusively deal with patients who are concerned about their personal appearance. So, the personality attribute of sensitivity plays a significant role in making their patients feel at ease. A little embarrassment comes along as patients describe to the dental practitioner how the teeth are affecting their appearance. Therefore, the patients need reassurance by the sensitivity and kindness of the orthodontist towards them as he seeks to correct the solution.


Good with children

Again, this trait can be categorized under people skills, but it’s a unique aspect to consider. Some orthodontists may have the best people skills yet aren’t the best with kids. Good orthodontists make the child feel comfortable in a visit about their treatment. Children, just like adults, will notice whether a dental practitioner interacts well with them or not.


Good reviews

Naturally, good orthodontists will have good reviews. You need to and find out what people are saying about the orthodontists online, allowing for his/her humanness. Even the best orthodontists offering quality treatment do not always attract five-star reviews.

That’s the reality of facts. However, you will be able to identify a pattern. You will also come across the awards received or articles written about them.

No one displays the right attributes of a good dental practitioner perfectly. Some people will be better in areas mentioned above, while some find their strengths in the different categories. Therefore, with these attributes in mind, you will be able to make an informed decision. Do you want that perfect smile? Feel free to contact an expert at The Schulhof Center.


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9 Signs of Good Orthodontists [2017]


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