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If you’re considering braces or the clear aligners also commonly known as Invisalign to straighten your teeth or your youngster’s teeth> Then you may have some important questions that need to be answered before diving headlong into either process.


Common questions include:

Which option is better: braces or clear aligners? How much does each choice cost? How long does the process take in total? Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD loves orthodontics and truly enjoys helping his patients develop the most healthy, beautiful smiles. And is able to address many of the concerns patients and parents have about these procedures. As a honors graduate of University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, he is truly qualified to help your family. His office also offers a wide range of traditional dental services and helps individuals keep their smiles beautiful.

However, regarding orthodontics, the most common questions revolve around the clear aligner procedure, how it differs from braces, and, of course, the cost. We will address some of these common questions here in this article. Please see the Reddit craze page on our site for people and their journeys. Whether you decide on braces or clear aligners, the good news is that at the end of the process the wearer will be the possessor of a new smile!


So What Exactly is the Invisalign Clear Aligner Procedure?

For many people, having a mouth full of metallic or ceramic braces that are semi-permanent causes high levels of anxiety, discomfort, and stress. With clear aligners, orthodontic patients now possess an alternative option. This relieves much of the stress caused by semi-permanent mounts and wires. The clear alignment procedure involves creating a series of customized plastic aligners which are designed to bring each tooth into its proper placement.

The clear aligners methodology is a modern day system of reshaping teeth alignment by using a set of removable and almost undetectable aligners. The entire treatment method commonly incorporates 18-36 aligners and takes approximately 10 to 18 months. These aligners are meant to be worn for no less than 21 hours every day. Everyday wear ensures that your teeth move incrementally. This happens until they reach the destination that will be predetermined by the Orthodontist’s team. By changing aligners every few weeks your teeth proceed, slowly, and gradually, to the desired location.

The change that your smile will experience throughout the clear aligners process can be predicted and shown to you before ever starting treatment. As a result, you are able to know precisely what your new smile will be before getting your first molding.


The Trouble With Braces

In almost all case, the truth is that braces will cost less than the Invisalign procedure. But, there are many significant reasons people prefer to choose clear aligners despite the added costs.

First, for some people (say, those in the midst of their career) it could be disadvantageous to be fitted with noticeable braces. Braces carry a bit of a stigma. Also, if a person’s work involves being on camera or being in front of people in other capacities, this may cause them to lean toward a less obvious, but effective orthodontia choice.

Second, for many people, metal or ceramic is quite uncomfortable against the soft flesh of their cheeks. The constant rubbing will take a while to get used to. This comes on top of the discomfort of having teeth moved about in one’s mouth. With clear aligners, one typically only experiences discomfort of the second kind, which is necessary to get the smile they want.

Lastly, the cleaning and care of teeth and gums become significantly harder when braces are attached. Food particles find more hiding places to bedevil the wearer, and the flossing methodology has to change due to the wire that connects the braces in series.

That said, there are also reasons people choose to go with braces. Such as when they are getting them for multiple kids. Or when they have no personally important reason to avoid braces in their line of work. Kids, in particular, should be extra mature and responsible if they are to be good candidates for the clear alignment procedure.


So, Just What Is The Cost of Treatment For The Invisalign Procedure?

We can give an approximate price but be aware that each individual case is different. Price will be dependent on how severe the existing orthodontic problems are, and how long the treatment is expected to take to correct the problem.

In general, the price range is from $3,500 to $8,000. This cost of treatment will be determined by the number of aligners the wearer will need over the course of the treatment. Compare this to the typical cost range for braces of $2,500 to $6,000 and you see the premium built in for having the clear alignment option.

In either case, many patients purchase orthodontics via a combination of insurance and installment payments that are affordable for them. It is best to consult the office to have your payment options analyzed and laid out for you.


Can Anybody Obtain the Clear Alignment Procedure?

The answer is no. Dr. Schulhof will decide which treatment options are right for you. But please be aware that if your treatment involves rotating teeth, back teeth problems, or moving teeth vertically, clear aligners will likely not be an option for you. The good news is that the wired braces method will work to perfect your smile.

I Want To Know More, What’s The Next Step?

If you are considering purchasing orthodontics for yourself or loved ones. Whether it be clear aligners or braces, please call our office or stop by. You will find our staff knowledgeable, friendly. And able to help you navigate the full gamut of options available to you. We will also be able to help you figure out your financing options. Plus help you get the most affordable payment plans that you will be comfortable with. Dr. Schulhof, DMD looks forward to your visit and to make you and your family’s smile the best it can be!

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