When choosing an orthodontist you know to look for experience, education, and quality service but it is also important to know the caliber of your orthodontist’s tool kit. The products and equipment your orthodontist uses has a large impact on the quality of your orthodontics, the duration of treatment, your comfort, and results.

Here at The Schulhof Center we pride ourselves in high quality patient care. We strive to use the best products and equipment on the market with the most advanced technology, to give you a premier orthodontic experience. Propel Orthodontics is the brand we choose to accelerate you on your journey to a more confident smile.

Get A Great Smile Fast With Propel!

Propel Orthodontics is designed to improve upon all aspects of the orthodontic experience including:

  • Time of treatment
  • Quality of orthodontics
  • Side-effects
  • Comfort

The system incorporates a series of innovative products that work together to ensure you receive the most efficient and most comfortable orthodontic treatment available.

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So how does Propel work?

Propel incorporates a simple 3 step system which is used chair-side by your orthodontist to stimulate the bone around your teeth during tooth movement. This increases the speed of bone remodeling which is a paramount step toward achieving the straight, perfect smile you’ve always wanted.

In traditional orthodontic treatment, teeth move as a result of pressures placed by your braces. These pressures result in bone remodeling as teeth shift and move through bone to their desired position. With Propel this process is accelerated by stimulating your bone to rebuild and remodel, achieving the desired results in far less time and with much less discomfort. In fact in some clinical trials the Propel system has been proven to reduce orthodontic treatment time by up to 60%.

While the Propel system helps shift your teeth into their desired position quickly and painlessly it also helps Dr. Schulhof and his team in predicting how your teeth will move and respond to treatment. Being able to accurately predict tooth movement advances your treatment and provides ideal results. Propel also works in conjunction with a variety of braces types, including Invisalign, to correct many different orthodontic concerns.

Your benefits with Propel Include:

  • Decreased treatment time
  • Shorter appointment intervals
  • Increased comfort
  • Less side effects
  • Predictable results

Are you a candidate for Propel?

Propel is a clinically proven tool for success and can be used on up to 80% of patients who require orthodontic treatment. The best way to determine if it can help you is to visit an experienced Propel orthodontist. Come see us at The Schulhof Center where Dr. Schulhof and his team will assess your needs and determine if Propel is a good addition to your orthodontic treatment plan. To find out more contact us on 212-861-1859. Your ideal smile awaits!

Propel – Advanced Technology For Accelerated Orthodontics