What you need to know about elastic bands. Having a beautiful and healthy smile is one of the things that highlight the face and adds depth of character to your over all look. A beautiful set of pearly whites is something every person appreciates. More importantly, utmost care must be given to teeth because once permanent teeth are damaged; you can no longer re-growing a new one. Unfortunately, if you have crooked teeth, it takes away from your charm because misaligned teeth are unsightly to look at. Your attractiveness quotient in part rests on your sparkly teeth. Seeking help from an expert orthodontist is essential if your teeth are crooked so they can be fixed.

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invislign in womans mouth

There is a new style of orthodontic technology that is becoming increasingly popular. It is based on the Invisalign clear aligner bracing method revolution that has shaped millions of smiles across the globe. Alas, the problem with this new fangled thing is the consumer will receive the aligners in the mail and miss out on trained analysis skills and the keen eye of an expert orthodontist. This article will take you through why direct-to-consumer clear aligners are a dangerous new step for those seeking a beautiful smile.

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woman at lake

When you have braces, one of the most common issues that you should be on the lookout for is a brace coming loose or a bracket fell off and possibly fell out of your mouth. There is a myriad of reasons as to why this can occur. If the brace that fell off was located towards the back of your mouth, it’s possible that a loose wire could scrape against your gums and cause your mouth to bleed. As such, it’s essential that you’re fully aware of what to do when you experience this orthodontic problem so that your response to the situation is the right one.

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