woman with gap teeth

Diastema is a gap or space between teeth. These gaps can form anywhere in the mouth, but are sometimes noticeable around the upper front two teeth and disappear once permanent teeth grow in children’s mouths.

Gap teeth or ‘diastema’ is a common cosmetic dental issue. A lot of people have them. Thumb-sucking or gum disease can be the reason. The good news is that there’s a solution for this problem, but not everyone needs specialist treatment. In this post, we’ll tell you why gaps in the teeth occur and what can be done to prevent and remedy the issue. Let’s get going.

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Braces mean a mouth full of devices. Wires, brackets, even plastic aligners will be in your mouth for months maybe years. You may have missing teeth and are not confident that orthodontic treatment is suitable. It is suitable and, in this post, we’ll show you in a quick fashion why braces with missing teeth is achievable. Let’s get cracking.

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