Teenagers and Invisalign. In the past, teenagers would often scowl, protest and even bawl when they heard that they would have to get braces. However, at least some of those negative vibes have changed with the presence of Invisalign Teen. Understanding why teenagers want to have Invisalign can help encourage you that this decision is the right one for your kids. In this post, we’re going to show you why your teenagers want this new style of orthodontic treatment. So, let’s get going.


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So Then…Teenagers and Invisalign…Why?

You Can’t See the Braces

  • As the name of this product implies, you can’t see the braces as you would with traditional metal brackets. Teenagers are often concerned about their appearances. While you likely work to convince them that appearances aren’t quite as important as they think, it’s difficult to state that people shouldn’t care about their looks at all. With Invisalign Teen, your youngsters may have greater confidence.


They Can Qualify for It

  • You might also wonder about the Invisalign minimum age since teenagers are sometimes not old enough to qualify for medical or dental procedures. A concrete and direct answer doesn’t exist as to your inquiry about an Invisalign minimum age. Instead, the orthodontist must evaluate the state of the teeth. For example, teenagers who still have baby teeth are unlikely to qualify for the Invisalign process as orthodontists don’t yet know how the adult teeth will grow in. While other circumstances may require them to wait for this application, age itself generally does not preclude individuals.


Their Friends Have It

  • Chances are that some of your teenagers’ friends already have Invisalign. As you likely remember from your own youthful days, even the most surprising of fashion statements can quickly transmute into trends. If students in your kids’ classes already have this type of braces, they may inspire your children to want the same. While you may raise your eyebrows at some trends, think of this one as a statement that can help improve your kids’ health.


You Have Payment Options

  • While you may not think that your teenagers pay attention when it comes to how their expenditures affect you, they likely know more than you think. When this topic comes up, you’ll likely think about how much braces cost. This treatment plan does not have one set price. However, as it has become a more popular treatment for straightening teeth, different ways of understanding payment have come to fruition.
  • For example, your insurance might cover the treatment whereas it wouldn’t have in the past. Also, you could ask the orthodontic office if payment plans are available. Your kids might wonder how much braces cost too, and you can let them know that you have it under control.


They Can Eat Their Favorite Foods

  • If you think back to the days of your old metal brackets, you probably remember that a number of foods were prohibited until the braces came off. While teenagers cannot necessarily eat whatever they want whenever they want if they have this treatment plan, it does offer more flexibility. For example, they can often take it out if they want to have a specific food item. Speaking with the orthodontist about the specific needs of teenagers and Invisalign, it is of utmost importance.


They Can Have Straight Teeth Soon

  • As you probably know, teenagers often don’t like to wait for results to come to fruition. One major benefit of the Invisalign process is that it is often faster than traditional braces. If, for example, your kids are going into their junior year of high school, they may fear that they will need to wear braces well into college. If you opt for Invisalign, however, they may very well be finished before they enroll in an undergraduate program.


You Had Braces Too

  • This type of braces has been around for a while now. If you think back to your own teenage years, you may remember that you actually wore these fixtures too. When such a procedure was brand new, parents themselves had not had experience with it. You may very well have had invisible braces when you were younger.
  • While methods and devices have improved over the years, having some experience with the system can make you a valuable source of information for your kids. It’s also possible that other relatives underwent these treatments, and they could share their experiences with your teenagers.

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What else About Teenagers and Invisalign

They Care About Their Dental Health

  • You may be surprised to find that your teenagers actually care about their dental health. However, with the stronger presence of healthy-living skills in educational programs and in the world at large, many people are becoming interested in a healthier lifestyle at a younger age. Your kids may very well be excited to know that they are taking steps to better their hygiene.


They Don’t Like Pain

  • If you had metal braces as a kid, you probably remember wires poking into your gums. This invisible method of braces does not bring to fruition that level of pain. Teenagers may very well know this information because their friends already have braces. Invisible braces are particularly appealing to teenagers who are quite squeamish when it comes to pain.


They Want to Smile Brightly

  • Chances are that your teenagers have some sense of the aesthetic improvements that invisible braces will make to their teeth. When you’re in the planning stages of this procedure, make sure to ask the orthodontist to show them what their teeth can look like afterward. These images are appealing to teenagers who tend to place an emphasis on appearances anyway.


They’re Old Enough to Ask Questions

  • When you bring your little ones to medical practitioners, you may often wonder what is going on in your children’s minds. Teenagers are old enough to articulate these thoughts. Encourage them to ask questions that they have about the process. In doing so, you’re teaching them to become advocates for their own health.



Here’s the Kicker

Teenagers and Invisalign can be an exciting time, especially invisible treatment. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Adam Schulhof today so that you can learn more about the process as a family. CONTACT US TODAY to Start an Amazing Journey to a Beautiful New Smile.

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